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Introduce Yourself Introduce yourself and tell us a little about who you are. Welcome to Alternative Energy Forum! Stop in here, and introduce yourself and give us a little of your background. We are glad you are here!!

3r zero emission pyrolysis technology

Introduce yourself and tell us a little about who you are. Welcome to Alternative Energy Forum! Stop in here, and introduce yourself and give us a little of your background. We are glad you are here!!

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Old 03-29-2011, 09:26 AM
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Default 3r zero emission pyrolysis technology

The 3R environmental technology group is specialized in integrated zero emission pyrolysis processing development, industrial engineering, large scale industrial manufacturing and installation operations. The 3R is an original invention by the Swedish environmental engineer Edward Someus with core competence in pyrolysis, carbonization, biochar and carbon negative applications in the agricultural soil improvement, natural fertilization and green bio-energy management. The 3R-ZERO EMISSION CARBON REFINERY pyrolysis technology RTD started up late 80's and accelerated after 2002, when the 3R has been selected by the European Union for large scale supporting. By now the organization having an international leading role in pyrolysis, biochar and carbon-refinery, with specific scientific, industrial and engineering knowledge in economical scale processing of animal rendering byproducts, converted into bone char.
We are providing an economical, high efficient and environmental safe 3R zero emission pyrolysis solution with unique new perspectives for valorization, recycling and reuse of rapidly growing organic waste streams into high added value products. The new 3R pyrolysis technology opens new technological, economical, environmental and climate protection options, while offering sustainable solutions and benefits for industrial and Consumer stakeholders.
The organization is the owner of the fully permitted independent industrial sites in West Hungary and having agricultural field demonstration options in several EU countries and Israel. The 3R Biomass Pyrolysis, Biochar and Agricultural Biotechnological Innovative Technology Demonstration and Training Center is suited for novel and advanced agricultural, environmental and bio-energy technology field demonstrations under different EU programmes.

Technology - inputs - outputs, why is* good - for regular readers

Traditionally, waste and byproducts are viewed as an unnecessary and uneconomical elements. However, waste and by-products are resources, at a wrong place at a wrong time. Recycling of organic waste and animal by-products by the advanced 3R pyrolysis technology generates new resources and added value products for carbon negative agricultural and environmental applications. The objective of the 3R ZERO EMISSION CARBON REFINERY AND RESOURCE CONSERVATION pyrolysis technology is the added value upgrading of animal organic by-products *into safe and high value soil amendment, nutrition and biofuel green energy products by integrated thermal, biotechnological and catalytic recycling means. The 3R pyrolysis process is based on a horizontally arranged indirectly heated rotary kiln, providing reductive thermal processing of organic waste biomass up to 850 degree C in vacuum, with zero emission performance comprehensive recycling and reuse of materials and gases. The 3R is invented and designed by Edward Someus. Standard nominal capacity is from 4 m3/h or 30,000 m3/year (20,000 t/year) throughput. The 3R technology although its advanced performance, - does not containing any exotic technical solutions or materials.

The 3R integrated pyrolysis technology is specialized for zero emission processing of animal and high Nitrogen content byproduct recycling and reuse, targeting two main product groups:

BONE MEAL to BONE CHAR NATURAL FERTILIZER: animal byproducts, such as high Phosphorous content food grade, category 3. animal bone meal (converted to bone char) and low moisture content manure from herbivorous animals; such as poultry, sheep, rabbit, goat, horse converted into high added value products. The basic input is 20,000 t/y throughout capacity at continuously operations. The output products are high quality and high value animal bone charcoal (10,000 t/y) and biochar for wide range of low input and organic farming (natural Phosphorus bone char, NPK fertilizer, biochar) and environmental adsorbent applications, recycled liquid nitrogen fertilizer (3,500 t/y) and transport quality bio fuel green energy (6,500 t/y).
MEAT AND BONE MEAL (processed animal protein) to LIQUID BIO-FUEL:* category 3 and category 2 animal waste converted to transport quality synfuel - biofuel green energy and recycled nitrogen fertilizer.

web info: 3R: Recycle
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