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Solar Energy / Photovoltaics Solar Power provides electrical generation by means of heat engines or photovoltaics. Solar Lighting, Solar Water Heating, Solar Air Heating, Cooling and Ventilation for homes and business. Solar Cooking and other Applications.

Energy conservation environmental protection

Solar Power provides electrical generation by means of heat engines or photovoltaics. Solar Lighting, Solar Water Heating, Solar Air Heating, Cooling and Ventilation for homes and business. Solar Cooking and other Applications.

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Old 01-07-2011, 02:12 AM
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Default Energy conservation environmental protection

Energy conservation environmental protection: Now already became one kind of tidal current, and is taken seriously slowly by the human, gave off heat this using the sun to be already nothing unusual, already developed other one kind of new energy under national policy's support (light to bend down), “the light bent down” is not eats, it was one kind of use solar energy light electricity generation new energy, was only inferior to the wind energy electricity generation, already obtained the general user's approval and the propaganda using the solar electrical energy generation.

In many cities, the residential building top of the head solar-powered water heater had already become a new landscape, but a more careful person will discover, will appear the light bends down the module in the tall buildings, not only direct attachment on construction surface, will also start a direct achievement building's part, with the building will fuse perfectly in together.

In the energy conservation reduces under a row of big background, solar energy this clean energy obtained the national stratification plane policy support, the light heat, the light has bent down and so on solar energy technologies, also started to entrust with the construction roof new outward appearance form and the intrinsic implication.

One kind of new connotation: The construction produces can fountainhead

The solar energy and the building integration adapted the energy conservation to reduce a row of urgent demand naturally.

The data analysis, in 2009 the nation solar-powered water heater and the hot water system total inventory amounts to 145,000,000 square meters. Calculated according to the ordinary coal's market price, is equal in has saved 22,500,000,000 Yuan, one year might reduce a row of carbon dioxide the approximately 44,510,000 tons. The solar energy light bends down the electricity generation to be possible to satisfy the electric power which the people daily life needs. Only the Shanghai World Expo campus, the light bends down the construction solar electrical energy generation scale then to amount to 4.68 megawatts, the yearly average electricity generation may amount to 4,061,000 watt hours, reduces the row of carbon dioxide total quantity over 3400 tons. The solar energy takes one kind ubiquitous, inexhaustible, the inexhaustible clean energy, its huge ecology and the economic value are receiving day by day take seriously.

In fact, many cities already started the compulsory promoted solar energy, obtained consumer's general acceptance. Especially the solar-powered water heater achievement “the electrical appliances goes to the country” the product along with 2009, this technology will go down to the general countryside center. In March, the housing and the city and countryside ministry of construction unites Ministry of Finance to issue that “the solar energy roof plan”, encourages the urban electro-optic construction integration application. Under the policy support, already might foresee, in the near future, inside and outside the city and countryside, will be the village has the solar energy, household to have the solar energy picture, the solar energy will also become a building inalienable part.

Compares with other energy conservation method, the solar energy roof is not only conserves energy, more importantly, but may also produce energy, may provide the clean energy continuously for the construction. The roof, will become the architectural style and the building function perfect unification.

Integrated design: In urban new landscape

United Nations energy organization recent report of investigation showed that the solar energy and the building integration will become the 21st century's market hot spot and the building conserve energy the market the luminescent spot.

But in our country, in Texas, in Dalian, in Jinan, in Kunming, in Baoding ......In the numerous 23 cities, and even the small county, each and every family top of the head solar energy already became common practice, has become a new landscape, and becomes in the residence construct a new luminescent spot. But in some urban skyscraper, insightful, the fashion light bends down the roof and the building perfect fusion, makes the energy conservation, practical, economical, artistic fifth to set up the surface.

The phenomenon which is noteworthy is, while enhances to the solar energy demand, the consumer also more and more takes artistic which constructs, but present many solar-powered water heater, because does not have to consider the building shape fully, or the construction itself has not reserved the solar energy the installment position, after causing the addition, destroyed the construction overall modelling enormously. The solar energy and the building integration, was already the difficult problem which many architects face.

Bends down the use aspect in the light, BIPV (light bends down construction integration) to start an achievement concept to strike root in the hearts of the people. Haiyang Beijing new energy electric power project Limited company Chairman Xue Liming said that at present, the light bends down the industry and the building union mainly has three ways:

First, the support, namely the big ceiling, has supported “the silicon board” in the top layer, lays down the solar electrical energy generation system, opened has not affected to the construction itself, this way present utilization was more widespread, the technology was also very easy to achieve; Second, the construction, namely sets up the surface outside the construction to add one to lay down the light again to bend down system's glass curtain wall, will open will possibly have affected the building to be artistic, but will not affect the use; Third, the building materials, namely the building materials itself have the solar electrical energy generation function, the light bend down the system and the building merge into one organic whole, become a construction itself inalienable part. For instance, the roof or the window is in itself light bends down the module, may generate electricity. He thought that this is the true electro-optical construction integration, but the present utilization difficulty is quite big.

In addition, the solar energy roofing tile maintained the traditional common people residence characteristic, the light has bent down the roof insightful fashion, the support water heater to change the roof the line ......These new materials and the new technology's application, is changing the roof shape, even changed building's overall modelling, also changed the urban appearance.

The wind prestige energy science and technology is the new energy fitting's pacemaker, after promoting the new energy the unceasing innovation with the study, in the several months comes, in the research and development team deliberates, under the attempt to develop day and night most matches the light to bend down the solar energy board support system, at present has the following several kind of support system:

The roof support system has the enormous flexibility regarding commercial or the civil roof solar energy system's design and the plan. It will apply common will have the frame solar energy board parallel installment on the pitched roof. The unique aluminum alloy extrusion guide rail, the slanting attire card, each kind of card block and various roof suspension hook can by highly the preassemble, thus causes the installment simple quickly, saves your manpower cost and the setup time.

The roof incline support system is suitable common for has each kind the frame solar energy board relative roof to live fixedly by some specific angle. This system can be the fixed angle may also be the adjustable angle like 10~15 degrees, 15~30 degrees or 30~60 degrees. The unique aluminum alloy extrusion guide rail, the slanting attire card, each kind of card block and many and varied roof suspension hook can by highly the preassemble from, and causes the installment simple quickly, saves your manpower cost and the setup time.

The ground support system mainly applies in the open area large-scale solar energy array system. This system installs the quantity from the smallest project to consider that the design reduced the manpower demand enormously. The overall system adds baking varnish steel pipe OD60*3.5 and the anodizing aluminum alloy GR standard track construction by commonly used pot galvanize becomes. The unique slanting attire card, each type's card block and the U shape bolt causes the installment easily quickly.

First, lacks from the product, the building most starts to design, to produce to constructs the entire process consideration. The present implementation process is this: The architect is only to building's shape, the position and the function is responsible; Then in the design process, starts to consider energy system's supply, at this time engineer enters; Technologies and so on building heat preservation, air-conditioning system, ventilation installation join gradually afterward; But the light bent down the module is to finally, adhered to stick cohere directly in the building or at a later time only then used.
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Old 07-31-2011, 11:18 PM
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Default Re: Energy conservation environmental protection

Virtually everyone benefits when individuals, companies, and entire communities reduce the amount of energy they use. The benefits come in the form of lowered utility bills, protection against rising energy costs, and decreased demand for construction of new energy projects. The latter can, in turn, translate into a cleaner environment and address climate change concerns if the construction of additional conventional fossil-fueled power plants and additional mineral extraction (e.g., oil and gas drilling, coal mining) are avoided. Energy efficiency and conservation also can contribute to greater national security by reducing our demand for foreign energy resources.

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