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Alternative Energy Sales Buy or sell your Electric Vehicles (EV's), Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, or other alternative energy related items or services here.

Swap Shop rules- please read before using Swap Shop

Buy or sell your Electric Vehicles (EV's), Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, or other alternative energy related items or services here.

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Old 08-19-2009, 06:16 PM
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Default Swap Shop rules- please read before using Swap Shop

Please only post things for sell that are energy related!
After item is sold please post on the thread that it has been sold.
Be item specific and not just a link to your site.
Thank you

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Old 08-20-2009, 12:19 AM
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Default Re: swap shop rules

Note, if your thread isn't alternative energy or electric vehicle related, it will be deleted. Also, no links to eBay, or any other auction site. This forum is primarily for individuals to buy and sell alternative energy products between themselves, but we will be inviting some well respected vendors here also.

Always be careful when dealing with people you don't know, and to be safe, try to always use a credit card, instead of a debit card. Never send money to anyone you don't know through Western Union, or any other type of wire transfer. This site will do our best to make sure that anyone advertising here is being honest, but we are not responsible for guaranteeing any transactions, or the compatibility or usability of any products, for any purpose. This service is provided free of charge, and carries no warranties of any kind to either the buyers or the sellers. Do not post an advertisement here unless you are at least 18 years of age.

Seriously consider using one of the third-party "trading" verification sites as verification that the person whom you are dealing with has been honest with other people in the past. Here are the two most popular:

1) Heatware
2) eBay

The responsibility to buy insurance for packages lies with the shipper/seller. This has always been the case with US law, and it still applies, no matter what anyone's ad on eBay or this site claims. If you accept payment for an item, it's your responsibility to do everything in your power to see that the buyer receives that product in the shape you advertised it to be in. If the buyer claims not to have received the product within a reasonable amount of time, it is your responsibility to prove that the package was delivered to them. If you can't, you pay them back immediately, and you wait for the shipping company to pay the insurance claim, not the buyer. If you don't agree with these rules, don't post any ads here. The posting of an ad here by you denotes that you have read and agree with the terms in this post.

Last of all, please read this link before making any trades. It's very good advice, and also who you will be reported to, if you aren't honest with your fellow trader. These people are pros at tracking down anyone, anywhere. They do it all the time. It's their hobby. Good luck, and good deal hunting.

addendum: The bottom of an advertisement should include the person's heatware or eBay credentials, if they have them. For instance, my heatware is under myocardia and my eBay feedback is under myocardia-robert You must type in the person's credentials into each site's page, to find out their 'track record' with past transactions.
On this site, 99.999% of all underlined words are links.

A watt saved is better than a watt generated, since it always costs less than 10% as much, and can cost as little as 1%.

V=volt, A=ampere, Ah=ampere hour, Wh= watt hour, VOC=open circuit voltage, ISC=short circuit current, VMPP=voltage @ max power, IMPP=current @ max power, BTW=by the way, your=belongs to you, you're=you are, too=in addition to, two=1+1, to=towards

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