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Default Solid Oxide Fuel Cells - The Non-Hydrogen solution

Hello everybody,

I did a PhD at Paul Scherrer Institut and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich in the field of Fuel Cells and Biomass Gasification. The result of my work was the world 1st continuous operation with pure wood gas of a full-scale residential Solid Oxide Fuel Cell residential combined heat and power system. The project has gone to the next level and PSI is in the
process of designing a pilot plant.
Thus, I guess one could say that hydrogen is not absplutely necessary for a clean energy future involving fuel cells. I'd be happy about any comments and thoughts of you on this rather provoking statement. If you want to know more about fuel cells in general and their application with gasification derived fuel gases, feel free to download my thesis:

Electricity from wood through the combination of gasification and solid
oxide fuel cells:

(Sometimes the link to the pdf doesn’t seem to work, try right click "save
as" then)

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