View Full Version : 24v controller running 36v

08-24-2009, 09:10 PM
What I think I have learned. It will increase your performance greatly, but will do nothing for your range.

Now that is not from any book so don't carve it in stone, but from today's real world test, that is my opinion. But I could be wrong...

09-09-2009, 10:17 PM
a new question just came up.

I am running a 600 watt motor on a 500 watt controller and it does really well. So I just built a new bike and put the same motor on a 350 watt controller. I expected it to get hot and blow up but it didn't what it does is runs the motor as if it were 350 watts.

Question is this normal. If so I will need a new controller and I have one in a box waiting to be used. It is 500 watt 24v but I'll be running it at 36v. It was a really cheap controller so Im not expecting much. I probably should get the right size next. I wonder what size I should get to run a 600 watt 24v motor at 36volts.

09-11-2009, 11:46 PM
I experimented with the 350 watt controller before I changed to the cheapo 500 which melted instantly. It did indeed run like a 350 watt motor running at 36v which is a confusing was saying exactly what you said.

I have a 36v 800 watt one on the way now. It should be just about right for the setup I'm running. It's max amp is 40 and the motor max draw is 36 so it should be safe as well.

I took the bike with the 24v 500watt heavy duty controller out today twice. I found that it will go through the power if you run it wot up a steep hill but if you run it enough to keep up with the pedals you turn with your body, it will not run low on power at all. It is after all a bicycle with an electric motor not an electric motorcycle.

Actually I liked the pedal assist speeds they were fast enough and I got a little exercise with it.